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Injury from Workplace Explosions

Posted on Sep 14, 2017 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Some lines of work are more prone to explosions than others. Chemical plants, refineries, and oil rigs are some of the industries that face a great risk of explosion. While explosions can be fatal, they can also leave you with a serious injury that can prevent you from returning to work and providing for your family.

Most places of work with a higher risk of explosions have intense safety regulations and training programs for their workers. With laws set in place with efforts to diminish the risk that comes with these industrial jobs, you would think that explosions would become extremely rare. However, even safety citations can be ignored.

In Charleston, Tennessee, a chemical plant disregarded its safety citations and experienced an explosion on August 30th of this year. With approximately $10,000 in fines from the previous year, Wacker Polysilicon plant did not improve their safety hazards. Their first time getting fined was in April of 2016 due to improperly inspecting their machinery, which exposed their site to a caustic solution release. In August of 2016, the company had multiple violations of safety management. More specifically, failing to give their employees respiratory protection around toxic chemicals.

The most recent explosion in August of 2017 caused by a “technical defect,” according to Business Insurance. The hydrogen chloride release closed down an entire section of an interstate highway, caused a “shelter-in-place” order, and a closure of some schools in the area. Because of this incident, eight people were sent to the hospital.

Regardless of the dangerous nature of your line of work, if you were injured in a workplace explosion, it is important to seek legal help. There are site managers and supervisors in place to avoid these incidents, so it is their responsibility to keep everyone safe, and it is their fault if safety is in jeopardy.

Explosions can leave you seriously injured or could leave you grieving over a lost loved one, and the aftermath of the explosion does not have to be handled by you alone. While recovery or grieving are the most important things you should worry about, lawyers will help you handle the legal jargon and get you the compensation you deserve. As Williams Kherkher says, “Mounting medical bills, lost wages, or the loss of companionship are often too difficult for people to deal with while they should be recovering or mourning following a serious accident.” Legal action is necessary for you to get the proper monetary amount you deserve, but you do not have to handle all the legal elements on your own.

While a serious injury may inhibit your ability to work, or your loved one had once provided for your family, and now due to this horrible accident cannot, you need your rightfully owed compensation to stay afloat. You can focus on recovering and grieving while your experienced lawyers handle the rest.

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